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Background Q&A

Does it cost anything to be listed on Sortfolio?

There is no charge to be listed on Sortfolio — every web designer gets a free listing. We also offer a Pro listing for ₹2500/month. The Pro listing includes a larger interactive display ad, up to 6 large images, placement above free ads, and a spot for your logo. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Can freelancers post listings too?

Absolutely — any and all web designers are welcome to list themselves on Sortfolio. Sortfolio levels the playing field since everyone's listing is treated equally. Your work is what makes you stand out.

I already have a web site. Why would I want to be listed on Sortfolio?

If you're like most web designers, you have a great site but you're having a hard time getting qualified leads to visit your site. Sortfolio is here to help drive potential clients to your site. Then you pick up where Sortfolio leaves off.

How will you be promoting Sortfolio to potential clients?

We'll be promoting Sortfolio to hundreds of thousands of businesses using a combination of web-based advertising targeted at small/medium businesses, local contextual advertising, relevant mailing lists, and links on sites frequented by small/medium business owners. Lastly, we'll be seeking out national press to cover Sortfolio's growth.

Does it cost anything to hire a firm I found on Sortfolio?

No. Sortfolio isn't involved in any financial transactions between a firm and a client, and there's no fee to browse or hire anyone via Sortfolio. Transactions and negotiations are handled off Sortfolio. Sortfolio is just a place for clients to meet firms - after that everyone is on their own.

How do I hire a firm listed on Sortfolio?

If you like a firm's work, and you'd like to consider hiring them (or just getting to know them better), you'll find their contact information on their dedicated page. To get their info just click their firm's name.

Does Sortfolio make any guarantees?

Any web design firm is free to place their ad on Sortfolio, but Sortfolio doesn't review the ads, censor the ads (unless they are offensive), or make any warranties or guarantees about the quality of a firm's work. If you suspect fraud, or dishonest behavior (displaying work that wasn't actually done by a specific firm, for example) please do let us know and we'll investigate.

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